Top 10 Best Burlesque Blogs


This was a hard list to compile, maybe even more so than the Top 25 Best Burlesque Web Sites list. Where the latter would’ve been a Top 10 list if it hadn’t been for the ridiculous amount of amazing sites, this one almost became a Top 5 list because of the lack of burlesque blogs. Where are the bloggers for this wonderful artform? It boggles the mind that more people interested in entertainment in general, but especially dance aficionados, aren’t clamoring to preserve this genre. With that in mind, here are some of the best blogs Simply Burlesque could find on the fabulousness that’s burlesque:

10) Blue Morris Swing  & Jazz Guitar ( this blog is not only a haven for jazz and swing music lovers, but it also has a nice blogging section for burlesque news. Also, this site is great for aspiring performers or established striptease acts to get inspiration for songs to use in their performances.

9) The Burlesque Forum ( it hasn’t been updated since 2007, sure, but the quality of the burlesque news and commentary is stellar. This is a great place for burlesque journalists and historians. Great videos and an easy to navigate design can also be found here.

8) Tiara The Merch Girl ( a Brisbane-based blog run by a self-proclaimed “burlesque apprentice, improv rookie, circus trainee, [and] all around creative chick.”  Sometimes witty (her Dita Von Teese rant is comical because it’s true), sometimes whimsical, but always stocked full of interesting burlesque tidbits, this blog is an interesting look into the mind of an up and coming burlesque entertainer.

7) ( the layout and design of this blog could be better, but ShakeItDoll’s a must see blogging site for UK burlesque enthusiasts. The blog has everything from event listings in different countries to casting calls, interviews, modeling, and fetish links.

6) Ava-May Hemme ( started in April 2008, this is another blog created by burlesque act and alternative model Hemme. The layout and design of the blog is ultra-girlie, contrasting nicely with the performer’s edgy style. Her posts are insightful, though they oftentimes veer from the topic of burlesque. However, she’s a very active blogger who keeps her page relatively updated and she responds to most posts.

5) Cherry Bomb: The Queen of Cream ( at first I was confused because I’m working with a Philly based burly troupe and one of the dancer’s names is Cherry Bomb so I thought this was her. It’s not. Even still, this New York City based performer’s blog is packed with musings on her life and career and features enticing photography.

4) Michelle L’Amour ( a sexy, but classy, layout gives this blog a leg up over other performer-based blogs. Ms. L’Amour gives regular updates on burlesque happenings around the globe and pulls back the veil of some aspects of her life. With tease tips, fun facts, a boutique, and stunning pictures, this blog is sure to engage fans of the performer and gain her new ones.

3) Burlesque Baby Blog ( looking for burlesque reviews, guides, movies, music and news? This is the place to get your fix.

2) 21st Century Pinups ( a UK-based blog that’s set up more like an e-zine than a blogging site. It features wonderful columns written by burlesque performers and pin-up girls, interviews with some of the biggest names in the industry, events and reviews, guides and tutorials, and anything else a burlesque fan could want. Journalists can submit work to the blog by filling out an easy to manage contact sheet.

1) Burlesque Babes ( the quintessential blog for all things vintage burlesque. It spotlights striptease artists from The Golden Age of Burlesque with promo photos and bio/histories. You can also purchase memorabilia of these talented women from the site. The blog’s creator is incredibly nice and couldn’t be a better burlesque historian. This is a must see blog for everyone interested in the art of the tease.

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  1. Thanks for ranking us in the top 10 Burlesque Blogs – we are very happy that we made the list!
    There aren’t many big Burlesque blogs, but there are a number of performers that run their own blogs.

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  4. Yay thank you! I totally agree that there needs to be more bloggers. Though from what I’ve heard some people in the biz are a bit wary of blogs, stirring up commotion and all. It’s a great tool for brainstorming and sharing ideas tho!

    • Hey, I’m thinking about starting an Australian based burlesque blog and was really keen to check yours out, but the link above didn’t work – are you still running it?

  5. I’m sorry but there is just way too much moaning and whining on Tiara the Merch Girl’s blog for me, I had to stop reading it after a few days.

  6. Amber — Wow! Thanks for the compliments – much appreciated. I really enjoy doing the research on “my girls” as I’ve come to call them. I think documenting as much of early Burlesque’s history as we can is important, and interesting. It can put many aspects of Burlesque and the way it is appreciated into perspective. It’s always good to know what women went through before, to forge a sense of sisterhood. The history blogs and websites contribute to the tribute performers and numbers, which creates new history.

    Your blog is so interesting. I can tell you have spent a lot of time researching all the other sites. Well done! I love the videos clips you dug up, and having them together weaves a whole new story.

    Thanks again for placing my Burlesque Babes blog as number 1. I will try to live up to the accolades, and continue sharing the photos from my archives.

    Fondly, Marianne


    I would like to mention some of my invaluable research resources (this list is on my blog with active links)

    * The Golden Days of Burlesque Historical Society
    *’s LIST of DANCERS (aka Burlesque Strippers)
    * Burlesque History in Films — with FILM/Video CLIPS!
    * Jane Briggeman’s book, BURLESQUE: Legendary Stars of the Stage
    * A. W. Stencell’s book, GIRL SHOW: Into the Canvas World of Bump and Grind
    * Mike Weatherford’s book, CULT VEGAS
    * Las Vegas MERCURY (2004) newspaper article on the Las Vegas Burlesque scene
    * Toni Carroll Terman, Copa Cabana girl and singer
    * Jo Weldon’s website, G-Strings Forever
    * Marilyn Futterman’s book, Dancing Naked in the Material World
    * The Charles H. McCaghy Collection of Exotic Dance From Burlesque to Clubs
    * Javas Bachelor Pad
    * STRIPTEASE article on wikipedia
    * A History of The Musical Burlesque on Musicals 101

    • Marianne,

      Thanks so much for listing my book. Please note the name change, Marilyn Suriani.
      Also, so great to see Jo Weldons’ website. She is in my book. Jo is an amazing talent, not just as dancer but also as a poet.
      As you may know, Sintana, famous burlesque dancer, is featured at the end of the book and at the time of my photograph, was a Wicca follower.


      Marilyn Suriani

  7. All great blogs!

    Voodoo De Luxe

  8. I am a drag burlesque performer and columnist from Berlin Germany. If you want to have a nice list of Burlesque Fashions please take a look at or you’re interested in Berlins Queer Burlesque Nightlife go to (german) ….
    Thank you Sheila

  9. Thank you so much for this top 10 burlesque links.
    I have found some great sites that I did not know before!

    The Feisty Cat Store
    Nipple Pasties – Burlesque Headwear – Retro Glam Shoes & more!

  10. i love burlesque. you should check out as well. i bet with your background you’d be able to find a lot of people to win the contests 😛

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  14. Hello – some of those links no longer work. Time to update the list me thinks

  15. For your consideration: Ann Perri: A Tribute to a 40s Burlesque Queen. – a new, ongoing research hobby – dedicated to remembering one of the names we’ve forgotten in the past.


  17. Excellent list! Definitely some place I frequent… though surprised I Heart Burlesque wasn’t on there? Would love to see you ladies start this back up again 🙂

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