Dancer Questionnaire

Hi ladies and gents!

The following questionnaire is now available for you all to fill out. Simply Burlesque is a blog that celebrates all things burlesque so what better way to do that than to give the performers themselves a chance to tell their own stories? Please send all responses to in a Word document, along with a photo of yourself, and your profile will be featured.




My act consists of:

I got my start in burlesque:

The special skills and/or gimmicks I bring to the stage are:

My dream act is:

My influences and inspirations are:

The five things I couldn’t live without are:

If I was an article of clothing I’d be:

The best burlesque performance I’ve ever seen or been in was:

The worst was:

The things that make someone a burlesque queen are:

Burlesque – stripping or art?

My favorite songs to dance to are:

If I could change one thing about burlesque, it would be:

Something that people would be surprised to learn about me is:

The movie of my life would be called:

If I wasn’t a burlesque performer I’d be:

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