About Simply Burlesque

1art \lart\ n  4: the use of skill and imagination in the production of things of beauty

1burlesque \(l)ber-llesk\ n  1: a witty or derisive literary or dramatic imitative work  2: broadly humorous theatrical entertainment consisting of several items (as songs, skits, or dances)

3tease \ltez\ v  1: the act of seducing or something that attracts or charms

Simply Burlesque is a Philly-based blog dedicated to all things burlesque around the globe; the art of the tease. Here you’ll find news, features, video, audio, pictures, fan art, polls, quizzes, and commentary on one of the oldest (and sexiest) forms of entertainment in history.

All posted work is original unless otherwise noted. Simply Burlesque’s philosophy is that collaboration and sharing make the world go ‘round, so if fellow blogger’s feel compelled to borrow something original from SB, please do – but be kind and link back to this blog.

Remember: while anyone can view a tease alone, burlesque is nothing without an audience. So please, leave a comment when visiting and invite others to come take a peek at this one stop erotic blogspot. And come follow the blog on Twitter! (www.twitter.com/simplyburlesque)


4 Responses

  1. Caught’ya on Twitter- love your site! We just did a pin up photo shoot for our Summer Collection of Hoops (hoopnotica.com). Would love to do more…! I feel like burleque dancers and Hoopers go hand in hand. The Hoop strip tease is so hot; its a wonder these two arts don’t mix it up more?

  2. What a great site!

    I’ve added you to the list of Burlesque links on my site http://www.flofoxworthy.com

    Kisses, Flo Foxworthy

  3. Really like your site. In-depth reporting.

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