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Spotlight On: Giza Sangria
July 24, 2009

GizaSanria Name: Giza Sangria

Age: 28

Location: Minneapolis, MN

My act consists of: I have a few acts but my favorite and most recent is a duet I do with my friend Lil’ Lush Fuchsia. I play the nervous yet charming Matadora and she plays my naughty bull who strips off my clothes as she charges by.

I got my start in burlesque: I belly danced with burlesque troupes on and off for years before finally giving burlesque a try. It was always something I had wanted to do, it just hadn’t worked out for various reasons. When I finally got a chance to try it I was hooked!

The special skills and/or gimmicks I bring to the stage are: Unique dance skills, a huge smile and a lot of hard work on my costumes.

My dream act is: Oh, perhaps a costume I can’t afford at this moment in time, a rowdy and happy audience, a nice big stage and live music backing me.

My influences and inspirations are: Musette Badeau – my director, mentor and friend.

Tomahawk Tassels – a wonderful performer and my instructor.

The ladies of Lili’s Burlesque and all the countless girls on the Youtube videos that I watch for inspiration.

The five things I couldn’t live without are: For burlesque: Bobby pins, Pasty Glue, Safety Pins, Music and Feathers.

In other life: my friends boyfriend, and family, spaghetti, an occasional glass of wine, hot baths and books.

If I was an article of clothing I’d be: A strapless dress with a big swishy circle skirt that makes you feel like dancing and spinning all night.

The best burlesque performance I’ve ever seen or been in was: Best of Midwest Burlesque!

The worst was: An event that was labeled burlesque but was really just the same thing I could see at any low-class strip club. No smiles, bored attitudes, you know the scene.

The things that make someone a burlesque queen are: A polished appearance, routine and costume, a great attitude. Wonderful dance skills and great timing.

Burlesque – stripping or art? It’s both!

My favorite songs to dance to are: “Bratislava” by Beirut, “Devil’s Riding Crop” by The Bad Things, “Borino Oro” by Mucca Pazza, too many Murder by Death songs.

If I could change one thing about burlesque, it would be: To create more of an accessible community. It seems like every city has their tight little scene but it’s hard to make friends and acquaintances from cities outside of your own.

Something that people would be surprised to learn about me is: I’m secretly a nerd who loves comic books, Asian movies and plays D&D. I have 10 siblings (really!) and a nice little zoo of exotic pets.

The movie of my life would be called: Honestly can’t think of anything to put here!

If I wasn’t a burlesque performer I’d be: Still dancing in some form or other.