The art of Burlesque: Learning to strut a quintessential part of self-esteem TV show

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Posted by Tanya Enberg

There’s nothing like busting out the dirty cowgirl to kick a gal’s mojo into high gear.

Or how about a wild hair toss while using an ordinary household chair as a sexy stage prop?

No? Well, perhaps a body-gripping corset and a stacked pair of pumps will do the trick.

Now, just add in the ex that broke your heart and, meow, you’ve got yourself a dose of red-hot revenge fiercer than a Manolo Blahnik spiked heel.

That’s the premise behindRe-Vamped,a 10-part series debuting Sept. 6 on Slice, which follows the journey of eight jilted women as they endure an intense training regime designed to help them get in shape and dust off their long-stashed away mojo.

With the high drama of reality TV, jilted gals move into a house together. They work tirelessly with health, nutrition and fitness experts, while mastering some smoking hot burlesque moves, which fully materialize during a sultry stage performance held in front of family, friends — and the exes that left them devastated.

Pamela Sargent, one of the participants, is a curvy blond with a frank attitude and confident demeanour.

But, she wasn’t always that way.

Just a couple of years ago, Sargent hit rock bottom when her almost 20-year marriage unexpectedly collapsed.

At the time, the Hamilton-based couple were considering buying a new home, had a healthy sex life, and, other than the occasional relationship blip, their marriage appeared relatively blemish free.

So, when Sargent’s then husband pulled the marital rug out from under her, her dreams of happily-ever-after shattered like a delicate champagne flute hitting the ground and, in the messy aftermath, so did her self-esteem.

“Mentally, he said he left the marriage eight years before we separated,” recalls the mother of two daughters.

“I thought we were good, and it took me a long time to realize we weren’t. I realize, after all the bulls–t, what I was putting up with.”

What Sargent is referring to his her ex-husband’s habit of prioritizing work over family and “the other” woman who suddenly appeared on the scene.

While Sargent suspects he was having affair, she says he only ever admitted to developing an emotional bond with the woman he’s since married.

“It was really hard to disconnect from it at the time, I really doubted myself and my self worth. How can somebody make love to you and tell you that they love you when it’s all a lie?”

Fast-forward to the present day and Sargent is empowered and vibrant, a remarkable rebound from the low place she was in not too long ago, a time during which she gained weight and slumped into a depression.

“I am in the best place I’ve been in a long time,” Sargent beams. “And even though I am carrying around extra weight, I am strong.”

She’s also bounced back in the romance


department as well. Last January, Sargent started dating a “fantastic man.”

“I now know that whatever journey I am going to take, that it’s a journey that I am going to succeed at,” she says.

Ironing out the sexy kinks and turning the participants from drab to queens of fab is Kaitlyn Regehr, a vivacious 24-year-old professionally trained burlesque and cabaret performer, who teaches her daringly seductive moves — from gyrating hips and flirty hair flips to straddling a backward chair and shaking the bod cowgirl- style — at Toronto’s Flirty Girl Fitness Studio.

“I think a lot of women are looking for that other side of themselves,” says the outgoing instructor.

“A really important thing about seductive dance is that it’s not about sex … that’s a misconception.”

What’s it about then?

You guessed it — keeping the mojo flowing.

According to Regehr, many women misplace their inner seductress somewhere along the way.

Then, when they finally decide to go looking for it, there’s so much dust built up, they can barely find it.

“Often when we become career women, we become so fearful that we can’t be successful if we’re viewed as sexual beings,” Regehr observes.

“We’re realizing now that we’ve abandoned that side of ourselves and, you know what? We can have it all, and we also want to be viewed as sexy beings.”

– – –

Tantalizing teasing routines celebrate a myriad of body types

Burlesque is booming here in the Great White North and elsewhere around the world.

From tassels and long dainty gloves to snazzy ’50s updos, flirty eye winks and bootylicious shakes and wiggles, burlesque is becoming almost as mainstream as spinning.

In recent years, burlesque troupes have been popping up all over the country, but novices also want to be part of the thrill-seeking seductive inspiration at dance studios or privately at home with DVDs.

While some modern burlesque dancers are edging away from the subtle roots of the movement and turning it into a raunchier spectacle more fitting for pole dancers (bordering on this trend is the Pussycat Dolls), the classic approach is heavily rooted in tantalizing theatrics, playfulness, comedy and satire. In other words, it’s not about stripping down for tips from ogling patrons seated in pervert’s row but, rather, about story, glamorous costumes, cute moves, celebrating a myriad of body types and the art of the tease.

This understanding has led to burlesque festivals in major Canadian cities and has inspired average gals to unleash their own inner Dita Von Teese, one of the most famous modern-day burlesque performers, and author of the book,Burlesque and the Art of the Tease.

It’s a fun workout too. After all, where else do you get to bump and grind while using feathers and fans in class?

Spotlight On: Tiara the Merch Girl

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saloonchiclName: Tiara the Merch Girl

Age: 23

Location: Brisbane, Australia

My act consists of: Well so far the one proper act I did was a routine based on my Islamic heritage ( I have made acts based off some favourite songs (such as Savage Garden’s Chained to You and the Britney/Beatles mashup of Womanizer/She’s Leaving Home) but nothing totally definite as yet. I think I’d much rather create acts by themes and personal expression, rather than have a few set “acts” per se, though there may be common elements (strong political opinion seems to be a common factor!).

I got my start in burlesque: as a lark – I was doing the dominatrix role in the Vagina Monologues in February and I thought burlesque classes would help with the role. I’ve been doing them ever since!!

The special skills and/or gimmicks I bring to the stage are: A different perspective, as well as a very loud and assertive voice, that makes use of my multicultural heritage without being too much of an exotic token.

My dream act is: Something with Darren Hayes, a German wheel, or based off ideas I have about body image or honouring my heroes. I have some ideas that just need fleshing out!

My influences and inspirations are: Darren Hayes in terms of performance, he is my hero! Kimtortion’s spirit (she’s keeping on despite near paralysis!!) is inspirational. Tempest Devyne jumped in and battled her fears and she’s been such a strong support. Lena Marlene’s Hallelujah act made me cry. Nasty Canasta and Darlinda (Just Darlinda) crack me up with their clever sneaky wit. I’ve become a belated admirer of Michael Jackson’s showmanship. I tend to be inspired more by current events and by the people around me – inspiration can come from anywhere!

The five things I couldn’t live without are: Books, the Internet, love, sleep, hot chocolate.

If I was an article of clothing I’d be: some weird ethnic mashup, maybe a bustier made out of Sari cloth shaped like a kebaya!

The best burlesque performance I’ve ever seen or been in was: Lena Marlene’s Little Match Girl-based routine based on Leonard Cohen/Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah. Quiet, sombre, poignant with her use of fire. made me cry soooo much.

The worst was: I can’t remember names but I have seen at least one that was just some belly wiggling and made me go “uh…what was the point of that?”

The things that make someone a burlesque queen are: Assertiveness and a willingness to go all out to express something.

Burlesque – stripping or art? An artform that is open and welcoming of stripping 😉

My favorite songs to dance to are: Darren Hayes, parodies, Euro dance pop, disco (I’m a disco baby), bellydance/Bollywood. I’d dance to anything tho.

If I could change one thing about burlesque, it would be: That people were more aware of their privilege and didn’t freak out so much when others point it out to them. Seriously, being a *secretary* is NOT THE SAME as being from a minority race!!

Something that people would be surprised to learn about me is: I’m not totally against cultural appropriation.

The movie of my life would be called: “Don’t Tell My Mother”. It’s actually something my boyfriend and I have talked about quite a bit – I’d do something crazy and then tell him not to tel mum! We thought it’d make a good title for my autobiography!

If I wasn’t a burlesque performer I’d be: Some sort of performer, or a stage/production manager, or a social entrepreneur saving the world somehow.

“Christina DeRosa Cabaret Show” at the Camden House

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Actress, Singer, Model Christina DeRosa will perform in her own show “Christina DeRosa’s Cabaret Show” at the Camden House

Beverly Hills, CA, July 27, 2009 –(– Up and coming Film and Television Star Christina DeRosa will perform in her own show “Christina DeRosa’s Cabaret Show” at the Camden House along with many Hollywood guest star performers including Celebrity Show Host, Joey Medina in an evening of exquisite entertainment and musical debauchery. “Christina DeRosa’s Cabaret Show” will change the look of Beverly Hills’ entertainment with an outstanding, energetic, and creative new Cabaret Show featuring young and high–energy; out–of–this–world acts that work the crowd into a frenzy. Unique talents, including, singers, dancers, comedians, magicians, and musicians are frequently added to the line up for the reoccurring show every other Tuesday.

Christina DeRosa, you may recognize Christina from one season of the groundbreaking TV series, ‘Sex Chronicles’ by Zane where she played Eboni, in all twelve episodes. You can currently see Christina in the new film release, Extreme Movie with Michael Cera. Christina also appeared in smash–hit shows including, ‘Worst Week’, ‘Everybody Hates Chris’, ‘‘Reno 911!’, ‘General Hospital’, and ‘Entourage’. Christina is also the spokes model for ‘Shoes For The Stars’, “A Unique Shoe Design for a Unique Woman” Additionally, Christina was featured in the July 2007 issue of Playboy as ‘The After Hours Babe of The Month’, Runway Magazine, Rod and Custom, La Confidential, Ok!, Star, Instinct, and People En Espanol. On July 31, 2009, Christina DeRosa will go back to her NY roots and give her homage to Broadway legends.

But, not just an homage to Broadway legends, Christina DeRosa rolls out the red carpet for many bright new Hollywood talents such as:

Celebrity Joey Medina, is best known as being one of the stars of Paramount Pictures “The Original Latin Kings of Comedy,” with Cheech Marin, Paul Rodriguez, George Lopez, and Alex Reymundo. And the Star and Morning Show Host of The Morning Invasion on Latino 96.3 FM in Los Angeles. He recently starred in Martin Lawrence’s 1st Amendment Stand–up comedy television show. Joey also recently Executive Produced and Starred in his own comedy special and tour titled “Latin Palooza.” Joey recently co–starred in the feature film “Zombie Strippers” with Jenna Jameson and Robert Englund (Freddy Kruger). He also co–stars with movie star, Danny Trejo and B Real from the rap group, Cypress Hill in an upcoming horror film titled “Devil Inside. His first screenplay, “El Matador” in which he made his directorial debut, swept the 8th Annual East Los Angeles Chicano Film Festival in 2002 by winning Best Film, Best Director and Best Acting awards.

Pianist and Music Director, Cody Gillette is known for his musical passion, sensitivity, and versatility, described as the one they call on to play “From Bach To Bacharach, From Rock to Rachmaninoff.” Currently his show “Schoolhouse Rock Too Live!” performs at the Greenway Theater. Cody recently cooperated in the California Philharmonic production of Porgy and Bess, at the Disney Hall. Also, he performed with Michael Allinson, who replaced Rex Harrison on Broadway NY in My Fair Lady. Cody’s band creates something that is not only unique, but also out of this world, that will greatly complement Christina’s soaring vocal melodies.

Violinist Chris Woods, wants you to feel the force of his fiddle with his musical group, Sonication featuring Singer Lauren Smith who performed at Stevie Wonder’s sold out concert “House Full of Toys Benefit” at the Nokia LA Live singing with Stevie Wonder, and featuring cellist, Adrienne Woods who toured with the Jonas Brother and performed with Kayne West.

Dancer Reyna Maria Godoy, is a recent transplant from New York City to the City of Angels. Reyna has danced professionally in live stage performances, music videos, and commercials since graduating from NYU. You can catch her sexy burlesque show with The Speakeasies every Wednesday night at Townhouse Cocktails in Venice.”

Dancer Olivia Maria Lopez, trained as a professional ballet dancer at the Performing Arts School for the Bolshoi Theatre & studied acting in London & New York City. She has recently arrived to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams.

Dancer, Chris Downey, is a recent graduate from the USC with a B.F.A. in Theatre. Chris has choreographed and danced for numerous artists and shows including Malcolm in the Middle, Celine Dion, Bellagio and Mirage Hotels, KSwiss, and Carnival: Choreographer’s Ball. Chris recently developed his own company called Asher Entertainment. Asher Entertainment customizes live entertainment for special and corporate events ranging from sophisticated ballroom to edgy burlesque.

Singer, Genevieve Goings, spends most of her time as the star of Playhouse Disney’s “Choo Choo Soul,” donning a train conductor costume and singing soulful music for children. Before the success of the Disney Channel show, Genevieve was singing in Jazz, Soul & Hip–Hop groups in the San Francisco Bay Area. Friday, July 31st, she returns to the stage ready to entertain a grown and classy audience.

Singer, Chrys Ryan, an old school sound with a new school vibe, presents the soulful sounds of then and now. Chrys opened for Brian McKnight, Wayne Brady, JC Chasez, Jessica Simpson, and he sang at Michael Jackson’s 45th Birthday Celebration. Chrys will excite the crowd with some of his originals and his favorite Michael Jackson songs.

Standup Comedian, Max Amini, says, “Come and Laugh with Max Amini, it’s good for your soul and remember, I’m not Gay, I’m Persian.” Max performs regularly on Friday nights at the world Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood. You have seen him on TV shows such as: “Heroes,” “The Nick Cannon Show,” and “The Mind of Mencia”.

Comedy Magician, Murray SawChuck, from VH1 Television and Las Vegas’ SinCity Comedy. Murray has exploded onto the entertainment scene with the charisma, personality, and talent of a natural born star. You can’t miss him with his signature electric blonde hair, black framed Armani glasses, and his contagious smile.

Tickets: Free Admission
Red Carpet Premiere Friday July 31, 2009 at 7:30 PM – Show Starts at 8:30 PM – Restaurant Opens at 6:00 PM
Subsequent shows August 4, 2009 and August 18, 2009.
For RSVP, and information

The Camden House is located at 430 North Camden Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Telephone 310.285.9848

About The Camden House restaurant with Patio Dining:
The Camden House brings new life into Beverly Hills fine dining. With indoor and outdoor patio dining areas, patrons will enjoy the scenery while dining on the exquisite combination of international cuisine with Persian influence. Brought to you by renowned executive chef and an unparalleled hospitality staff, this restaurant will be the ideal destination for business people during the day and the A–List crowd at night.

Event Sponsors:

Runway Magazine LA is most famous as a presenter of images of high fashion and high society, but it also publishes writings on art, culture, politics, and ideas. It has also helped to enshrine the fashion model as celebrity. Advertisers from multiple genres all over the West Coast ensure involvement with the magazine with their wide distribution of over 75,000 prints per issue.

Catalyst Productions relies on a managed risk model to develop, Finance, produce and distribute independent feature films. Investors now have the ability to peer inside the Hollywood circle to have private access to review, compare, and invest in the top opportunities in films and beyond.

James Buccelli and Christine Johanson – James and Christine of Runway Magazine LA and Catalyst Productions LLC has taken Hollywood by storm. Deal making, day shaking, 100% energy James Buccelli and Christine Johanson won’t stop until they have accomplished what they have set out to accomplish–closing film deals, producing, and making things happen. Incidentally closing hotel deals, music deals, signing artists, throwing and sponsoring events, shopping, red carpet hopping, and designing and launching a new Hollywood hotspot all while saving the world simultaneously through their love of charity.

Patrik Simpson – Network International Inc. Models and Talent discovered by a local photographer, and began a modeling career. After a short stint as a runway model in the early 80’s, he began his career in the industry, working as a Casting Assistant for Judi Keppler and Sally Pearle, two of Hollywood’s leading ladies in the entertainment arena. After opening a print division at the casting office, he knew it was time to open his own company. In 1990, Network International Models and Talent was born! The concept was to create an international scouting headquarters, dedicated to seeking out potential models and actors; to design and produce highly marketable portfolios and Zed–Cards, and to present them, along with previously established clients, to the motion picture and fashion industries in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Pol’ Atteu – Haute Couture is a high fashion Haute Couture designer for over ten years with his world famous boutique located in the heart of Beverly Hills. Pol’, was friend and personal designer to the late Anna Nicole Smith, and guest starred in the Anna Nicole reality show. He created her spectacular gown for the VH1 Big in 04 which landed her on Star Magazine s Best Dressed list; and has appeared as a celebrity fashion designer on Dr. Phil. Pol’ was inducted into American history by creating the Inaugural ball gown worn by California’s former First Lady Sharon Davis. The gown was subsequently donated to the California State Capital Museum, joining a prestigious collection of gowns worn by former First Ladies.

Jacob – Shoes for The Stars A big, red heart rests on a black background. No name. No other design. It’s simple. Modest. Understated. Yet this unassuming logo represents one of the best–kept secrets in Hollywood. It’s “Shoes for the Stars.” Located in the heart of Melrose Avenue, in Los Angeles, California, this shoe store is more than a place to find the average “perfect pump.” It’s a place to create personal style. In addition, the man to do that is Jacob, the creative genius and designer of the footwear that makes a stir at photo shoots, press events, and red–carpet catwalks all over Hollywood. 25 years in the fashion/shoe, industry has been well spent for Jacob. With one of his custom–designed styles, the “little black dress” can be taken up to a whole new level. In fact, most of his styles will take a client up several inches. Flats are well, “flat,” in Jacob’s world. His clients enjoy a more “elevated” experience. Brittany Spears, Beyonce, Eve Longoria–Parker, Erykah Badu, Sasha Campbell actually enjoyed 12” of height on her last world tour thanks to him. The heart on the business card is no mistake. Shoes are Jacob’s passion and love

Kobico and Rika Hair and Makeup Specialists – 7556 Salon are a team of experienced professionals, that can accommodate all your beauty needs. Offering hair and makeup, they are a mobile salon! Perfect for weddings, parties, formals, and entertainment events. With combined experience of over 35 years in hair and makeup.

Natalie K – M.K. Diamonds & Jewelry – Natalie K jewelry line, one of the most beautiful collections of Fashion and bridal jewelry in the country. Natalie K’s mission is to provide exquisite designer bridal jewelry at competitive prices. Focusing on design, quality, and value, Natalie K has one of the largest collections of bridal jewelry, which focuses on classic styles and antique reproductions. Designs are available in 14KT, 18KT, and Platinum.

Spotlight On: Giza Sangria

July 24, 2009 - One Response

GizaSanria Name: Giza Sangria

Age: 28

Location: Minneapolis, MN

My act consists of: I have a few acts but my favorite and most recent is a duet I do with my friend Lil’ Lush Fuchsia. I play the nervous yet charming Matadora and she plays my naughty bull who strips off my clothes as she charges by.

I got my start in burlesque: I belly danced with burlesque troupes on and off for years before finally giving burlesque a try. It was always something I had wanted to do, it just hadn’t worked out for various reasons. When I finally got a chance to try it I was hooked!

The special skills and/or gimmicks I bring to the stage are: Unique dance skills, a huge smile and a lot of hard work on my costumes.

My dream act is: Oh, perhaps a costume I can’t afford at this moment in time, a rowdy and happy audience, a nice big stage and live music backing me.

My influences and inspirations are: Musette Badeau – my director, mentor and friend.

Tomahawk Tassels – a wonderful performer and my instructor.

The ladies of Lili’s Burlesque and all the countless girls on the Youtube videos that I watch for inspiration.

The five things I couldn’t live without are: For burlesque: Bobby pins, Pasty Glue, Safety Pins, Music and Feathers.

In other life: my friends boyfriend, and family, spaghetti, an occasional glass of wine, hot baths and books.

If I was an article of clothing I’d be: A strapless dress with a big swishy circle skirt that makes you feel like dancing and spinning all night.

The best burlesque performance I’ve ever seen or been in was: Best of Midwest Burlesque!

The worst was: An event that was labeled burlesque but was really just the same thing I could see at any low-class strip club. No smiles, bored attitudes, you know the scene.

The things that make someone a burlesque queen are: A polished appearance, routine and costume, a great attitude. Wonderful dance skills and great timing.

Burlesque – stripping or art? It’s both!

My favorite songs to dance to are: “Bratislava” by Beirut, “Devil’s Riding Crop” by The Bad Things, “Borino Oro” by Mucca Pazza, too many Murder by Death songs.

If I could change one thing about burlesque, it would be: To create more of an accessible community. It seems like every city has their tight little scene but it’s hard to make friends and acquaintances from cities outside of your own.

Something that people would be surprised to learn about me is: I’m secretly a nerd who loves comic books, Asian movies and plays D&D. I have 10 siblings (really!) and a nice little zoo of exotic pets.

The movie of my life would be called: Honestly can’t think of anything to put here!

If I wasn’t a burlesque performer I’d be: Still dancing in some form or other.

Wam Bam

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burlesquewaitressinred Time: July 25, 2009 from 7pm to 10pm
Location: London
Website or Map:
Event Type: cabaret
Organized By: Wam Bam


The Wam Bam Club is lively fusion of comedy, magic, music and burlesque.
Expect a fresh, fun and devilishly unpredictable show as host Lady Alex draws you

into her seductive world of cabaret. You’ll never forget your first Wam Bam.

Saturday 25th July 2009 @ Cafe de Paris, 7pm
Be mesmerised by the resident burlesque troupe the Wam Bam Starlight Revue

Be stunned by the fire eating, angle grinding beauties Lil’ Miss Pod & Miss Smokey Revolver

Be entertained by the voluptuous Kiki Kaboom

Be tickled by the many impressions of Anil Desai

Be wowed by the tapping dancing juggler Stewart Pemberton
Be amused by the comedy of Jason Wood

PLUS more quirky comedy/ burlesque from host Lady Alex

Plus Free Burlesque Classes!

FREE burlesque taster classes before the show at 6pm, 6.30pm

for all those wishing for a taster in the art of tease!

** Burlesque classes have limited places so please email us in

advance to reserve your place on

Buy Tickets
£25 in advance online
£40 (on the door)


Doors open at 7pm.

Show is from 8pm – 10pm.


Dinner available throughout the evening .
Our dinner menu has been devised and lovingly created by the Cafe de Paris’ most celebrated chefs,

exclusively for Wam Bam customers. Tables for dinner must be booked in advance.

Please buy show tickets first, then email ticket web reference and number at table to:

Diners must arrive at 7pm prompt to ensure best dining experience downstairs.


Upstairs tables for non-diners allocated on first come, first served basis.

Aftershow Party

Stay on at the Cafe de Paris until 3am with the Earl of Ealing.


3 Coventry Street
Piccadilly Circus

Nearest tube stations are Leicester Square/Piccadilly Circus

You can view a map of how to get to the Cafe de Paris.

For advanced bookings and further info: or call 0800 242 5753

Kitten von Mew performing at War and Peace 24-26th July

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Time: July 24, 2009 to July 26, 2009
Location: The Hop Farm
Street: Paddock Wood
City/Town: Kent, TN12 6PY
Website or Map: http://www.kitten-von-mew.c…
Phone: 07920 424 884
Event Type: wwii, event
Organized By: War & Peace/ USO Shows

Kitten von Mew will be performing for stall holders and campers on Wednesday 22nd July and then for the public on the Fri, Sat and Sunday, 4 times a day!

Watch her Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, 102 KvM Radio, RAF Fancy and Wish Upon a Star acts at Europe’s largest WWII event!

Toronto Burlesque Festival

July 22, 2009 - One Response

morebluemed Time: July 23, 2009 at 6pm to July 26, 2009 at 12pm
Location: Toronto
Website or Map: http://www.torontoburlesque…
Event Type: burlesque
Organized By: Toronto Burlesque Festival

Starring Michelle L’amour (Miss Exotic World 2005), Kitten De Ville (Miss Exotic World 2002), The Wet Spots, Jo “Boobs” Weldon, Amber Ray, Dr. Lucky, Kellita and more!

Along with THREE 2009 Burlesque Hall of Fame Winners;
Roxi DLite (Windsor), Hot Toddy (Chicago), Gigi & Pop (NYC),

TORONTO – The Toronto Burlesque Festival is back for their second year with “Tassels without Borders”, bringing you the best of the international burlesque scene! Building on the success of last year they’ve expanded into a FOUR day festival filled with tantalizing performances, workshops, classes in burlesque and pole-dancing, art shows and a Boobalicious Bra Auction for The Weekend to End Breast Cancer.

This year, the Festival boasts performances from Toronto darlings such as Les Coquettes, Skin Tight Outta Sight, Coco Framboise, Zero Gravity Circus. Boylesque TO, Ceci My Playmate, Lena Love, The Saucy Tarts, The Harlettes and the list goes on! The Festival also features over 40 performances from out-of-town artists, giving our local audience a rare opportunity to see some of the best in burlesque including TWO past holders of the Miss Exotic World Queen of Burlesque awards (Michelle L’amour and Kitten De Ville) and THREE 2009 Burlesque Hall of Fame Winners; Best Variety Act- Gigi and Pop (NYC), Best Boylesque – Hot Toddy (Chicago), 1st Runner-Up Reigning Queen of Burlesque and regular Guest Performer with Skin Tight Outta Sight! Roxi DLite (Windsor). All the shows will follow a vaudeville format with a Master (or Mistress!) of Ceremonies, comedians, live music, singers, variety, and acrobats along with the striptease artistes!

Visit for more information. To check out footage of last year’s Festival, please click on:

DC Gurly Show Debuts at Phase1!

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Phase1 Time: July 22, 2009 at 9pm to July 23, 2009 at 2am
Location: Phase 1
Street: 525 8th St. SE
City/Town: Washington
Website or Map:
Event Type: performance
Organized By: CoCo Monroe

The Gurly Show Burlesque Revue is bringing the art of tease to Phase One. What’s Phase One? It’s only the oldest lesbian bar in the country!

Enjoy the view of performers like:
Ann T Roginous
CoCo Monroe
Private Tails
Zoe Tahari
Codie Swift
and the farewell performance of Bambi Galore

The view will be even more delightful with $3 Sol Cervezas & Dos Equis not to mention $4 Smirnoff Cocktails.

Wednesday, July 22nd
Doors at 9:00
Showtime at 10:30
Party til 2:00
@Phase 1 – 525 8th St SE WDC

Cover – $5

Dancer Questionnaire

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Hi ladies and gents!

The following questionnaire is now available for you all to fill out. Simply Burlesque is a blog that celebrates all things burlesque so what better way to do that than to give the performers themselves a chance to tell their own stories? Please send all responses to in a Word document, along with a photo of yourself, and your profile will be featured.




My act consists of:

I got my start in burlesque:

The special skills and/or gimmicks I bring to the stage are:

My dream act is:

My influences and inspirations are:

The five things I couldn’t live without are:

If I was an article of clothing I’d be:

The best burlesque performance I’ve ever seen or been in was:

The worst was:

The things that make someone a burlesque queen are:

Burlesque – stripping or art?

My favorite songs to dance to are:

If I could change one thing about burlesque, it would be:

Something that people would be surprised to learn about me is:

The movie of my life would be called:

If I wasn’t a burlesque performer I’d be:

Strippers want to teach you how

July 18, 2009 - One Response

posted by Paul Hodgins


You’ve always wanted to be a burlesque queen, haven’t you?

Well guess what, girlfriend, it’s a lot of work to learn how to twirl those tassels, dance in six-inch heels and tease the wolves.

The Orange County Underground Burlesque Society (that’s them, above) is conducting a workshop to teach you the basics. Called “Burlesque 101,” it features four classes between July 25 and Aug. 15.  All that sweaty study ends with a showcase performance on Aug. 21.

Details from OCUBS follow.

Related stories:

Stripping for the fun of it (a feature on the Orange County Burlesque Society)

The Orange County Underground Burlesque Society

2009 Workshop and Showcase

Join Kate Fox, Dahlia DeLust, Billie Jean and Bella Nottee for a
workshop designed to bring out the sass and sex appeal in the everyday
woman through the glamour of burlesque!

The OCUBS girls will guide you through the basics of developing a
character and choreographing a routine. The workshop will culminate in
an invite-only showcase performance for friends and family!

(Saturdays @ 11:00 AM)
JULY 25 – “Intro to Burlesque: History & Movement”
AUGUST 1 – “Double Entendre: Finding Your Burly-Q Name & Persona”
AUGUST 8 – “Lust & Laughs: Developing a Routine”
AUGUST 15 – “Pin-Up Beauty: Glam Hair & Makeup”

Sunday, August 16 @ noon – Dress Rehearsal
Friday, August 21 @ 9:00 PM – BURLESQUE 101 SHOWCASE!

Hunger Artists Theatre Co.
701 S. State College Boulevard, Ste. 699-A
Fullerton, CA 92831

To register for the workshop, email Kate Fox, OCUBS Founder/Producer,
at by Wednesday, July 22.

Burlesque 101 is $100 per person ($25 per class).
Register by Saturday, July 18 and pay only $80!

We will accept full payment at the first workshop on July 25, or you
may pay in weekly installments, beginning on July 25. Cash or check
only, please.

We hope to see you there!