Burlesque dancers turn heads as they hit the town centre
September 10, 2009

HEADS were turned when four provocatively dressed burlesque dancers took to the streets of Bolton town centre.

Miss Vivacious Grace, Champagne Paris, Coco Malone and Willow Blue caused quite a stir as they donned corsets and short bustle skirts before handing out fliers around Nelson Square, Victoria Square and Le Mans Crescent.

Women covered their boyfriends’ eyes as they walked past, while one man was so excited he fell off his bike.

The women were promoting their forthcoming show at the Pack Horse Hotel in Nelson Square.

They posed for photos with members of the public and shop staff as they went about their business.

Miss Vivacious Grace — real name Sarah Spencer, aged 30, of Edward Street, Farnworth — says her show will be Bolton’s first proper burlesque performance for many years.

She said: “If you’re from Bolton and you’re into burlesque, then you have to travel. There’s nothing like this in Bolton, so we thought ‘why shouldn’t there be’?

“It’s traditional comedy and dance, not the sort of thing that some people try to sell as burlesque to get around the adult entertainment licensing laws.

“The word burlesque means to send something up. It’s about teasing and titillating rather than stripping, as some people think.”

Mrs Spencer admits that the show, which does contain some nudity, may cause some controversy.

But she hopes no one will be offended.

She said: “There may be a brief flash of flesh, but we’re a classy, lady-like event.

“I’m not a lap dancer, I’m a burlesque dancer, and I find the comparison quite insulting.”

As well as the four who were in town on Sunday, the show will also feature performers with names like Suzie Sequin, Miss Pink and Fluffy and Twinkle Starr.

It will take place at the Pack Horse Hotel on Thursday, September 24.

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